SLS- Applications resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.
Suitable for functional tests and the low-volume production. Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a laser beam to sinter powder-based materials, layer after layer, to form a solid model. The system consists of a laser device, a work chamber and a control system. The work chamber consists of a platform, a powder cartridge and a levelling roller. A thin layer of material is spread across the platform on which the laser beam draws the section of the part along both the X axis and the Y axis, sintering the material. The platform moves down by a distance equivalent to the thickness of the layer and the levelling roller pushes the material out of the powder cartridge onto the platform where the next section is sintered onto the previous one. This continues until the part is completely formed.
Once the model has been completed, it is removed from the work chamber and finished off, by removing the surplus material and smoothing the visible surfaces.