SLA- Overall dimensional inspections.
A platform is immersed in the resin (by a system called an elevator) in such a way that the surface of the platform is below the surface of the resin by an amount equivalent to the thickness of one layer. The laser beam then draws the outline and fills the section of the model along both the X axis and the Y axis, solidifying the resin that it touches. Having completed one layer, the platform moves down by an amount equivalent to the thickness of the layer, the resin is spread across the previous layer and the next layer is built.

The process continues until the model has been completed. Once the model is complete, the platform moves above the level of the resin and the surplus resin is drained off. The model is then removed from the platform, washed and put into an UV oven for the final post-treatment. Finally, the stereo-lithography model is finished off by smoothing the roughness typical of the process.